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At BP, we’ll make sure you’re recognised and rewarded for your hard work. Our Total Reward programme offers competitive pay with additional financial rewards for individual or team performance. You’ll also enjoy comprehensive benefits like health and retirement plans, as well as flexible working hours and employee assistance programmes. Discover more about our benefits by clicking the appropriate links below.

Base pay and bonuses

Our highly competitive starting base pay varies according to your experience and academic achievement. In 2013 the minimum starting base pay is £33,000 (slightly more if you have a relevant Masters or PhD). In addition, all new employees on the graduate programme receive a settling-in allowance of £3,000 and some receive a location allowance.

We offer an annual cash bonus that takes into account your individual performance, as well as the performance of your department, and the company as a whole.

Flexible benefits

BP operates a flexible benefits package that enables you to tailor benefits to your needs. A core level of benefits is provided to everyone with the option of increasing the level of cover and/or selecting additional ones.

Share plans

As an employee you will be eligible to join BP’s share plans. This gives you a stake in the company ensuring you have a personal interest in its success, both through potential growth in our share price and in the dividends payable.


BP operates a Defined Contribution pension plan for most new starts. This means the pension received at retirement is based on the contributions invested. 5% of your base pay is defaulted to the plan. However, you can choose to contribute more or less than this amount or opt out altogether if you wish.


The employee car plan is an opportunity for you to lease a car. You can select one from the wide range of cars available and decide the length of contract and mileage to suit your circumstances. You pay for the car via fixed charges which cover running costs and insurance.

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