Top Ten 100% Free Scholarships To Watch Out For in 2016 – Apply!

Welcome Great African Student, as a reminder; we are going to share with you about ten (10) 100% free scholarship for Africans whose application deadline is between now and early 2016.

What this means is that if you are yet to apply, make haste to submit your application and join the winners when announced. The write-up below will contain various links to full details of the scholarship and how to apply. So at each topic you like, click links associated to apply.

Umea University
NOTE: Also before you start, we are going to paginate this article into several number of pages. Use the NEXT BUTTON below each page to load the next scholarship. And don’t forget, No.10 is the best scholarship ever – even those with 3rd class degree can apply and win number 10 (in page 10).

1. DAAD Scholarship – in Germany

Brief description: Germany: DAAD is offering Masters Scholarships for students from developing countries at German universities 2016/2017. Applications for 2016/17 will be accepted from June 1 through October 15, 2015.

Subject Areas: Postgraduate Courses for Professionals with Relevance to Developing Countries. Many courses of study are listed and this scholarship covers 100% tuition fees, travel expenses and pocket money. [Read more and apply here].

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167 Responses

  1. Jonathan P. Doubah says:

    My name is Jonathan I’m from West Africa,Liberia to be precise. I’m about to complete my undergraduate degree in Economic and will like to obtain a master in Health economic. Please help me with a scholarship to realized my goal.

  2. Abdeta seyoum says:

    hello! I am Abdeta seyoum from Addis Ababa!I was graduated from Mazda walabu university by having BA degree in civics and I want to study federalism if I get scholarship thanks in advance.

  3. This is one of pray in life so am interested in this program.

  4. Geremew kinde says:

    I have Bsc InEnvirometal Health Need MPH on Reproductive Health

  5. sufyen mewuded says:

    i am intersted please contact me

  6. Solomon Fikrie says:

    Hello, I am Solomon Fikrie from Ethiopia. I had got Bsc degree from Addis Ababa University by the department of Agricultural Economics. Now, I am serving as a Loan Officer in Development Bank of Ethiopia. I need Master Scholarship and any training related to Agricultural Economics in your country. Therefore, I would like to request you kindly to help me in searching such Scholar ship and training. Thank you in advance for your kind help.

    Best regards,
    Loan Officer, Development Bank of Ethiopia, Ethiopia

  7. Rimamnyang Umaru says:

    Rimamnyang Umaru is my name, I am a graduate of Botany, Ahmadu Belly University Zaria

  8. Archie Zarzar says:

    Sir I wish to get this scholarship because it will help me alot I am from Liberia

  9. LEMA SOBOKA says:

    Dear sir/madam
    My name is Lema Soboka and i am from Ethiopia.It mean i am Ethiopian citizen and currently living in my country.I holed BA Segre from Alpha University College since 2011.I tried to upgrade my education to MBA.But due to financial scarcity my aim is felled.So i am interested to learn if i got scholarship opportunity there.If you wont to accept me as the scholarship candidate of the year 2016/2017 plies contact me at email address [email protected] or coll me at mobile no. 0911926358

  10. sufyen says:

    i am intersted please contact me by email:[email protected]

  11. LEMA SOBOKA says:

    My name is Lema Soboka.I”m From Ethiopia.I holed BA Degree in Management.I am interested to learn in any filled of faculty of business if you consider me.I am waiting for your response.

  12. Donna Jane says:

    Hey Guys!!! I got mine from Cindy. My blank ATM card can withdraw €2,000 daily. I got it from her last week Wednesday and now I have €7,000 for free. The card withdraws money from any ATM machines and there is no name on it, it is not traceable and now i have money for business and enough money for me and my 4 kids. I am really happy i met Cindy because i met two people before her and they took my money not knowing that they were scams. But am happy now. Cindy sent the card through DHL and i got it in two days. Get one from her now. she is giving it out to help people even if it is illegal but it helps a lot and no one ever gets caught. Cindy’s email address is ([email protected])

  13. Tafesa Belay Deresa says:

    My name is Tafesa belay

  14. I need to learn MSc in Horticulture related fields. Ihave BA degree in Horticulture from Hawassa University with CGPA 3.78.

  15. Faisal umar says:

    Hello sir please
    I wish to get the scholarship in your university, I’m in Nigeria help me to further my education please, I finished my diploma in accounting.

  16. Mubanga Praxedes says:

    I recently completed a bachelors degree in education with special education(grade-credit).
    I would like to obtain an MBA on full scholarship basis.
    Please help and guide me.
    Mubanga P

  17. Debrah Alex mudor says:

    I am Ghanaian who have completed my first degree in mathematics education and I want the Australia scholarship what must I do.

  18. George Kwaku Doe says:

    I am a Ghanaian, and want to gain access to your Australian Scholarship to enable me apply for a PHD program.

  19. Dort says:

    Hello,please I would like to know if there are full scholarships for masters in aerospace engineering as well.

  20. kevin rwamwejo says:

    Hello sir, can i get help in application in those universities that provide a free scholarship . My name is Rwamwejo kevin from Rwanda. My email is :[email protected] Thank you

  21. Dula Madjor says:

    Dear sir, my name is Dula Madjor Hordofa
    and i am Ethiopian. Sir, I am so much
    interested in applying for the scholarship but i
    find it so difficult to apply. I have a Bachelor’s
    Degree in LLB in Law and I wish to do my LLM
    in any of the University of Canada and Australia. Please i will be happy if you could help me on how to apply for it.
    Thanks. My contact is this:[email protected]


    I Ashenafi Gizatu from Hawassa, Ethiopia. I have MBA degree in marketing management from Hawassa University, Hawassa, Ethiopia. I want to study PhD degree in international development study so as to support my countries development endeavors.

    Thank you in advance!

  23. Dr. Frederick Mesonge says:

    Hello, the application is actually FREE and easy. Start by following the links we have given in the article. Or click here for more chances.

  24. Dr. Frederick Mesonge says:

    Hi, please find the directives and link to apply in the main article above. You may also be interested to know that International Students can now live in USA for 3 additional years after study. Read more and how you can benefit here =>

  25. Dr. Frederick Mesonge says:

    Hi Students, we advise anyone that is yet to apply to do so. The scholarship board will start concluding applications soonest. If you are yet to apply, use the links above to complete application or visit this link for more new vacancies

  26. Wam Lewis Nkuokwe says:

    Dear sir, my names are Wam Lewis Nkuokwe and i am a Cameroonian. Sir, i am so much interested in applying for the scholarship but i find it so difficult to apply. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration in Accounting/Finance and i wish to do my MBA in any of the University in Norway. Please i will be happy if you could help me on how to apply for it.
    Thanks. My contact is this: [email protected]

  27. Appiah Tutu Ebenezer says:

    please i need your help. i am from Ghana

  28. Appiah Tutu Ebenezer says:

    i want to study abroad. please i need a scholarship to study abroad and i wan to offer medicine

  29. Mebrahtu Gebremariam says:

    I am Mebrahtu Gebremariam from Ethiopia. I have BSc in plant sciences and MSc in horticulture. Currently, I am serving as lecturer in Aksum University, Shire Campus, Ethiopia. I need any training like postgraduate diploma or certificate related with horticulture in Canada. Therefore, I would like to request you kindly to help me in searching such types of training. Thank you in advance for your kind help!!

    Best regards,
    Lecturer, Aksum University, Shire Campus, Ethiopia

  30. Viola Peter says:

    Hi,my name is Viola Peter, am from South Sudan, i need a scholarship in Bachelor Degree in Medicine.
    I will be thankful if you put me into consideration

  31. MASTEWAL says:

    Hello,I am from Ethiopia,My name is Mastewal Abiyu, I have Advanced Diploma in Electrical Engineering and Diploma in Aviation Maintenance
    Thus I would like to study *Aeronautical engineering or Fields related to Aeronautical science*.I hope you will get this opportunity.

  32. my name is tadele tsegaye i have a BSc degree in computer science and now i wonna study MSc in related fields like either computer science it self or electrical and cpomputer engineering so please inform me if there is any opportunity…………………….. thank you………

  33. Brtukan teka says:

    Hi,I am graduated in Civil Engineering at Mekelle university, Ethiopia and now I want to study MSC program at your school in Geothecnic Engineering if u accept my application.10Q

  34. Hello! My is Jose Selection Nyahn. From Monrovia, Liberia. I’m appreciative, if I’m chosen to be a selected member of this Scholarship Program.

  35. Hello, sir/dear how are you? My name is Muluneh Gurmamo I would like to thanks for your invitation to join your scholarship. I’M from Ethiopia. I received 1 st Degree from Jimma University in business management & I have 4 years experience work in government Bank (E.C.B )& still on job I’m interested to study related filed by Master in M.B.A. If you invite me please, contact me with this address: [email protected] / tel:+2510924413713 office:0464430861

  36. Armstrong Emmanuel Bangbe says:

    My name is Armstrong, am a male southsudanese aged 19years. i have finished my high school and am looking for an undergraduate scholarship to progress in my carrier. my dream is to light the world doing electrical engineering. Please help me to find the right path

  37. fantahun says:

    ma name is fantahun .am from Ethiopia i am ferest year student at health science in university no one support me at this time even before now i had not any supporter but i had get money by giving tutor for lower level students so help me please i wanna join your campus and i wanna be a brilliant doctor and save peoples life .i hope ma application shall be granted .

  38. fantahun says:

    my name is fantahun am from Ethiopia i wanna join your university . i am fewest year student in health science and i scored high this ferest semester at bachelor degree please help me ma future plan is be a brilliant doctor and save peoples life .i hope ma application shall be granted and i will pray to God.

  39. fantahun says:

    my name is fantahun am from Ethiopia i wanna join your university . i am fewest year student in health science and i scored high this ferest semester at bachelor degree please help me ma future plan is be a brilliant doctor and save peoples life .i hope ma aplication shall be granted and i will pray to God.

  40. jossy Ngulube says:

    Thank you for this one time offer.

  41. jossy Ngulube says:

    My name is jossy ngulube from zambian and I would be delighted to be one of the participants that would be chosen fot the scholarship please consider my application.

  42. Am’ Ongom James martin, south Sudanese did Diploma in clinical medicine and public health, interested in this scholarship coz our newly emerged country south Sudan have vulnerable community,meaning there is still huge gape specially in field of health to secure the vulnerable .

  43. Dr. Frederick Mesonge says:

    Dear Student, we are delighted to help you with your search for a well-paid scholarship to aid your study program. Visit this link

  44. NYERO David says:

    My name is Nyero David from Uganda. I have studied Bachelor of animal production and management from Busitema University.I obtained second class degree i want to continue with my education at master level. Please help me join scholarship.

  45. Anthony S Quayee jr says:

    Hi, my name is Anthony S Quayee jr i am 23 years of age and do have a first Degree in Biology and will like to continue my studies in becoming a medical Doctor to help rebuild my Country Liberia.

  46. malama chewe says:

    My name is chewe Malama from Zambia I have a diploma in Clinical Medicine frm Chainama College Of Health Sciences I really want to study Medicine “MBBS” from one of your Universities. Please Please Please help me on how acquire full or partial scholorships

  47. mukhtar aminu ida says:

    I interested on it and i want to get scholarship

  48. TAMBA SHEKU says:

    I am a sierra Leonean and i have interest in these program

  49. NIYONZIMA Cervin says:

    my name is CERVIN. i am Rwandan and studying civil construction and i want to study architectural drawing or any other technical program if possible and THANKS

  50. Dawda Colley says:

    I am interested in this scholaship please guide me through

  51. KIRERU BEEWA says:

    notify me incase of any available scholarships in the field if Computing

  52. Fatty says:

    Thanks so much for sharing these scholarships

  53. misganaw smeneh says:

    my name is misganaw smeneh ,I graduated Economics to Work Economic development Office. To gain this scholarchip To learn masters degree so to select please contact my email Address

  54. Thiauri Zacheaus says:

    Hey am Thiauri zacheaus kiao a kenyan looking for a scholarship for masters in the field of health sciences especially public health related program.


  55. abel says:

    its a power of a new era next to introduce…bieng with you!!!



  57. first of all i would like to say thank you by givinging this opportunity and motivation .my name is tesfaymezgebo am graduated from ethiopia by physics BSC in 20212. i need master by sustainable energy and any related field of physics.

  58. Haialesellasie Berhanu says:

    MY name is Haileselassie Berhanu Hagos.I am Ethiopian and studying computer science at mekelle University. i want to study networking or any other related in the program Of masters. so help me

  59. Am’ Ongom James martin Studies Clinical Medicine and Public Health in in National Health Institute of Clinical Officer school (AMREF) south sudan.

    w’l be glad to hear the offer to me.

  60. wendwesen gudina says:

    i want to join ur university

  61. Dr. Frederick Mesonge says:

    We are hoping your application process for this scholarship has been smooth. Any of you having issues applying should visit the topic via the link within this reply to let us know. We are willing to help 🙂

  62. HABTAMU ABERA says:

    Hello,My name is Habtamu abera and i am 2nd year electrical student at addis ababa university.i am applying this scholarship to become a an expert on my field.

  63. petersom muriithi says:

    Am in kenya doing Bsc mathemstics undergraduate and sm interested in compliting my studies in your country

  64. ABDOU says:

    MY NAME IS ABDOUHYDARA I am gambian i want to study agiculture science

  65. i am docter of veternary studeant in ethiopia meklle univirsty i have i aderime to study this scholar shp plse give achace

    • molla from mekelle universty collage of vetrnary madicne i am 2nd year studant and iam poor family to get the chance bright future for me and i am claver student ihav above 3.5 grade for first year grade plase give the chance

  66. Jiamamah Sanyon says:

    Jiamamah Sanyon is my name, a Liberian i am interested in this post graduate program greatly. I i am a 2013-2014 graduate of the United Methodist University with a bachelor degree in Accounting and Management.

  67. milkesa says:

    my name is milkesa motuma from ethiopia and I studied in pharmacy school so i wanna to continue my education either undergraduate or master.

  68. dorothy says:

    My name is Dorothy and I am interested in studying abroad on scholarship.I am from Zimbabwe.I am finding it difficult to apply please help!

  69. I need the direct website to start my application

  70. Peter W. Chuol says:


    This is Peter, a South Sudanese national looking for further studies in Environmental Studies (PhD) position. I will appreciate if you can reach me through my email.

  71. medhanie zeru says:

    I am intersted of that institution

    • medhanie zeru says:

      am medhanie and i am graduated from college of business and economics accounting faculty am interested to continue my program

  72. Dr. Frederick Mesonge says:

    Hello Applicants,

    We understand that many of you are finding it difficult submitting their applications to this scholarship. Kindly reply and ask us specific questions to assist you. To do so, reply to this comment below.

    Afrischolarship Team.

  73. am interested to learn Bachelor of Epidemic on the scholarship program

  74. hey!I’m KUBWIMANA,i studied water and environmental engineering i need masters scholarship with your help.



  76. Emmanuel Gatkuoth says:

    first!!! My thank go to the followers of this organization for give us an opportunities to study in a magical place as follow
    7.Australia ETC
    for me I would like to introduce myself to you am from South Sudanese
    am from weak (poor) family ain’t have any one to support me in my education until I have completed my high school.
    the department I need to study is I.T Diploma so I wish u could help me to succeed my dreams with out your help I can’t do nothing.

  77. abdalla mohamed Ibrahim says:

    I would like to get this opportunity for scholarship in Community development for Diploma


    I’m ineterested

  79. Ademola Oyelaja says:

    need a PhD scholarship in Analytical/Environmental Chemistry

  80. opio robert says:

    im robert from uganda and i want to study ICT please help me get a a scholarship

    • Hello everybody! My full name is megersa lemma hunde I have graduated my first degree in Motor vehicle engineering from Wollega University with GAP 3.56.But now time I want to study Masters degree in Automotive engineering,and if there was a position on this field study please conserning me that mean inform me

  81. Samuel D. Teh, II. says:

    I would like to be part of your scholarship program to study Accounting, presently I am a university student at the University of Liberia, practicing Accounting as my major, with Public Administration Minor at a senior student level. I would appreciate were you to afford me the opportunity to study in Australia to help me improve my ability in accounting practice to uphold the ethic of the profession.

  82. hisabu kidane says:

    I am from Eritrea hisabu and i have BSc in nursing with experience of 2 yeras. i have also good academic performance with cGPA 3.53.

  83. Teklu Ghebreluel says:

    although i had graduated major in geography,experienced in hospitality and travel trade,taking this inconsideration i am eager have master degree in hospitality marketing and travel trade

  84. Sani Emmanuel says:

    An Sani Emmanuel from Nigeria I want to study mechtronics or instrumentation engineering pls help me in the scholarship scheme I want to work and study thanks (+2348184525221).

  85. Sani Emmanuel says:

    I want to study mechtronics or instrumentation engineering or relative course close to this two and also work while study pls help me out thanks and God bless..

  86. dorcas brendan john says:

    my name is dorcas i wish to study my bachelor .help me to find scholarship

  87. kedir tifo says:

    my name is kedir tifo.I AM FROM Ethiopia &I have BSC in forestry and ecotourism from Adama science and technology university
    by now i need to upgrade my profession into MSC if you allow me with great REGARD.THANK YOU ALL

  88. nuruhusen ahmed says:

    I have master of public health and interested to learn Phd in related fields

  89. Athumani Haji Ali says:

    I’m a student who wishes to study under graduate level because i finished my secondary education level in Tanzania, but i did not continue in further level because of financial problem so please help me.
    thank you.

  90. Varlah Varney says:

    Hi I am in Liberia I want to apply in to your school for scholarship

  91. kibrom yemaneab says:

    i want join for masters

  92. kibrom yemaneab says:

    i want to join for further study

  93. michael semere says:

    my name is michael semere i am in eritrea i want to apply in to school for degree program please!

  94. lobwota Daniel Morrish Rumeo says:

    yes, am lobwota daniel morrish from south sudan i got an information about you today 9th november 2015 and i wanted to apply but the deadline is today too, could you mind to sent me the next admission intake ; so that i will be able to apply for the scholarship under your contexts

  95. EZRA EYOB says:

    pleaese send me your phone number. this is to ask you help. from Ethiopia

  96. EZRA EYOB says:

    I am greately eagered to get this scolarship, there fore please help me on how to apply. thanks

  97. yohannes alem says:

    My name is yohannes from eritrea I went to study master program

  98. james daniel turay says:

    I am sierra Leonean I am barely in need of scholar ship

  99. getnet achenef says:

    I’m Ethiopia I wish to study there in environmental engineering. ….so. .contact me 0923222474. ..10q

  100. merhawi says:

    this program is one of the best in the world so keep it.

  101. saba says:

    this is saba russom i am from Eritrea. I want to join your university for the post graduate program.thank u

  102. Tsuma says:

    Am a Kenyan citizen and I really to study in your university

  103. ommaney chinyungurwa says:

    I am a Zimbabwean. I hold a Bachelor of Arts Degree and a Masters of Business Administration. I wish to be considered for a PHD programme.

  104. fasil ghebru says:

    My name is fasil, i live in Eritrea , i would like to find scholar , to get beter knowldeg and skills , according my field (health science programs), thanks !

  105. fasil ghebru says:

    My name is fasil , i would like to find and join scholar ships, i live in Eritrea

  106. my name is baradin mohammed says:

    my name is baradin mohammed iam from ethiopia iwish to study there iam very happy if i get the chance please.please contact me by this number +251940607361

  107. yohannes girmay says:

    am yohannes,from ethiopia and i have Bcs in fashion design technology so, i need scholarship at masters program please give me the chance

  108. diriba obse says:

    hi dear! my name is diriba obse, i was graduate in 2011 from Bahir Dar university, Ethiopia by land administration. known i wanna to learn other related course at your company.

  109. I am eritrean and have BA degree in marine engineering and am in need of ur help

  110. yohannes says:

    my name is john i am from ethiopia.
    i wish to study in your university

  111. solomon says:

    i am in ethiopia iwant to apply in to your school for masre program

  112. Relebohile says:

    I wish to study there so how do I get scholarship I am in Lesotho

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