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International scholarship is open for anyone who wants to improve their skills and knowledge with international experience. There are a lot of open applications which you can apply. Maastricht University in Netherlands is one of them.

For students who want to pursue Master’s program, Maastricht University in Netherlands is offering High Potential Scholarship, a great opportunity for international students who are not from the EU or EEA to continue their study to Masters Degree in one of the finest University in Europe, Maastricht University.

This scholarship is open for international, talented students who are below 35 years old and must have completed the Bachelor’s programs with excellent results; you must be at least among the top 5 % of students in your faculty, because this is aimed to those who are skilled and deserved to experience international expertise.

The length of High Potential Scholarship of Maastricht University is 12 months maximum and 24 months maximum for two years Master’s program. This scholarship will also guarantee students’ financial charge, for example, living cost in Netherlands which could reach € 10.500 will be ensured by the scholarship office. Also, the overall total of tuition fee and expenses of students’ visa and insurance, which is equivalent to €32.000, will be paid by the office as well. Therefore, this international scholarship is clearly a precious opportunity.

So, if you are interested to apply to this highly valuable experience that might change your perspective toward the international circumstances, the application form can be downloaded from Maastricht University’s official webpage, and you must follow the requirements carefully, without skipping any regulations. Moreover, students should know that High Potential Scholarship and Holland Scholarship are combined program. Hence, to be accepted in High Potential Scholarship, you must apply to Holland Scholarship as well.

Furthermore, this offer will be closed on the first of February 2016. Those interested in this program, should check out Maastricht University’s website and read all the information thoroughly without anything being skipped over. In addition, data that will probably be needed from applicants are the information of your previous study programs, motivation, maturity of your future career plans and many other necessary details related to this international scholarship in High Potential Scholarship of Maastricht University of Netherlands.

Ultimately, the proper procedure to receive High Potential Scholarship offered by Maastricht University is to send in the scholarship application at the same time when you apply for the study program you have selected. That is recommended by the university to do so. In fact, it must be understood that each faculty has different form of application. So, be a clever applicant and always remember to understand the regulation very well, in order to avoid any mistake that can possibly lead to a great loss.

Now that all the information about international scholarship with High Potential Scholarship in Maastricht University has been delivered nicely; talented students who are eager to pursue their Master’s program, Maastricht University in Netherlands offers this precious opportunity for you to experience international study.

Apply Now.


hello am Abel i have currently finish my undergraduate study with applied biology , i may request to your account if you do meahelp!

I’m fikru yisihak and i graduated by Accounting and finance from Wellega university in 25/07/2015. So i want to take MA in Accounting and finance and BA in leadership or management.


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