Application Opens for Monash International Merit Scholarships 2016/17

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There are 31 scholarships on offer to international students who are interested in Australia as an education destination. These awards are open to both undergraduate and graduate students, as well as new students and those with previous semesters at Monash.

However, an applicant must already be enrolled in a full time schedule with no conditions placed on them. Those who qualify based on what has been listed thus far should continue to the official site and take the time to read the information it contains.

The award for these scholarships is $10,000/year of full time coursework until minimum graduation requirements are met. However, in order to receive the yearly benefit, retention requirements must be met, namely a distinction average (70% or higher) and participation in at least three marketing events for the school.

To apply, download the application, paying careful attention to the chart about due dates and be very clear about starting semester at Monash. because application due date depends on the semester one starts.

Application and other information

  • Can be deferred within the same calendar year only.
  • You must submit a separate application form for this scholarship (due dates as below).
  • Before applying for this scholarship, you must have received a full Monash course offer with no conditions.
  • Do not submit supporting documentation with your application – this will not be considered.
Selection round and closing date Commencement
Round one: October 15 Semester one or two of the following year
Round two: November 15 Semester one or two of the following year
Round three: January 15 Semester one or two of the current year
Round four: March 15 Semester two of the current year
Round five: April 15 Semester two of the current year
Round six: June 12 Semester two of the current year

Apply Here



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