ASRT Young African Researchers Award 2016


An initiative of the Republic of Egypt’s Academy of Scientific Research and Technology (ASRT) wish to announce the contest for Young African Researchers Award. Awards will be given to three young (non-Egyptian) researchers from the African continent in each of the following areas: Agriculture and Food Sciences; Health and Pharmaceutical Sciences; and Water, Energy and Environmental Sciences.

The value of each award is 15,000 US dollars, or the equivalent in local currency, with recognition Shield and Appreciation Certificate. Nomination for the award is accepted from universities, academy of sciences and research centres. Individuals can also directly submit their scientific work for the award. The nominee’s age should not exceed 45 years. S/he should have at least a Ph.D. degree.

The Scientific work presented for the award should be original, innovative and previously published during the last five years in a specialized scientific journal (or as a patent). The scientific work submitted should not previously have received any other award or academic degree (e.g. M.Sc., Ph.D). Application Form and supporting documents are to be sent to:[email protected] at latest by 31 March 2016.

Three hard copies (and soft copies if possible) of the scientific work and documents should also be sent by prepaid DHL to: Academy of Scientific Research and Technology Awards Management 101 Kasr Al-Aini Street, Cairo, Egypt – ZIP: 11516.

More details about the awards may be obtained from the website: that of the Ministry:


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