SPE Imomoh International Scholarships For African Students in USA

Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) is offering the Imomoh Scholarships to African Students who wants to pursue a masters scholarship in USA.

The scholarship program is worth USD 2,000 and it is provided to applicants who makes it on merit.


– Applicants must be citizens of a SPE Africa Region.

– Applicants must have completed their bachelors degree program.

– Applicants must have applied for a master’s degree in petroleum engineering in any USA University.

– Applicants must have outstanding results in previous educational programs.

Application Process

The mode of application is online. apply.

Application Deadline

The application deadline for this scholarship program is on 15th April 2017.


A’m Sefera Tarbush! A’m from Ethiopia. I have BA degree in business management. I hope you will help me to join your University!!! To learn masters degree!!

A’m Sefera Tarbush from Ethiopia. I have BA degree in business management. I hope you will help me to join to your University!!! To learn masters degree!!

my name yared minas i live in from the developing country of ethiopia i have B.A degree in sociology .i have interested to continue master can help me to give this chance

thanks so much for this all important scholarship. I’m so interested to be a part of this opportunity. I’m from Liberia, I really want to help my family and my country.please I’m really in need of this help.

I am Godson by name and am 17 years old am looking forward to win this scholarship I was supposed to enter the university last year but because of the inconsistency of my country NIGERIA 🇳🇬 I was unable to. If I could win this scholarship I would love it because I want to help my parents. Thank you

from wolde Ayele
Hello dear,may name is wolde Ayele. I live in form the developing country of Ethiopia.I am 31 years old. graduate in sociology and social Anthropology (first degree) in paradise valley university college. I have interest to learn master mangment. may current GPA 2.9 is in paradise valley university college.so if possible pleas inform me by Email address
[email protected]
from Ethiopia
wolde Ayele

thank you for your scholarships we the africans we try our best at all the time and to field our mission is not easy you no scholarship is just like a mission. i also want to be there am 15 years old. without help we are not going to success in life. life is all about help so thank you verry much. bye bye!!!.


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