Easter Day Scholarship & Newsletter [Read]


For five (5) years, Afrischolarships.com has been providing special study abroad scholarship information for students from developing countries, especially those in Africa. We do this with happiness and we are encouraged by the many testimonies we receive from our students.

While we write today to wish you a happy Easter (for Christian Students), we also wish you luck in your many scholarship applications. We have reported numerous scholarship opportunities and openings over the last one week and we intend to publish more this week.

Feel free to use the links in our website to search and apply for the education financial aids of your choice in your choice degree programmes. We will continue to work hard to keep you updated.

Scholarships don’t come easy, so we advise you to continue to apply until you are successful. The good thing is, you DON’T have to pay to apply. They are all FREE! Start applying now! 

Happy Easter & Good luck!


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