Study in Japan: 140,000 Foundation Scholarships 2018 – Apply!


Beginning from January 2018, The Rotary Yoneyama Memorial Foundation will be offering Undergraduates, Master’s and PhD degree scholarships to International Students who wish to study in Japan. This scholarship value range from 100,000, 140,000 to 400,000 yen per student.

If you are a student desirous of obtaining a degree from Japanese University, we implore you to quickly apply for any of these scholarship categories depending on your level and course of study. Applications are invited from all qualified prospective students of Japanese University.

Deadline for Application: 16th October 2017 1:00P.M. Japan time for both April and Fall (September/October) 2018 Enrollment. All Japanese Universities and Graduate Schools are participants to this financial study award.

Value of Scholarship:

  • Undergraduates: 100,000 yen per month
  • Masters students: 140,000 yen per month
  • Doctoral students: 140,000 yen per month

How To Apply: When applying, please download and use the following documents:

  • Application Guide for Rotary Yoneyama Scholarship for Applicants Residing Abroad [here]
  • Application for Scholarship [here]
  • Research Plan at Japanese University
  • Composition “Objective of my studies in Japan”
  • Recommendation Letter

* * Only for the first year of the scholarship, a supplemental of 400,000 yen is provided upon arrival in Japan.


Electroneum Signup Offer

Dear scholarship team

My name is Sannilley tebus and i’m come from Sao Tome and Principe.. Actualy i’m in Morroco doing my studies, and i would like to continue my study in your country. I will be very happy if i get this scholarship

My name is Moinina Daniel Jeremiah Kamara from Sierra Leone. I want to know if I am eligible for this scholarship or do i need to apply to the university before applying for this scholarship. I studied BSC Accounting at Njala University and I want to further my course in any related area in accounting. I went through many difficult time during my undergraduate program because of lack of finance to even pay my college fees. If am granted this scholarship to study any related areas in Accounting will make my dream come to reality. And I will ensure you that your kind gesture will not go than the drain.

Sianneh H. Varkpeh, i obtain bsc in general agriculture from the university of Liberia, kindly connect me to the application link to this scholarship , you can reach me on this addressed +231776049756/+231886489695 ,

I’m from Ethiopia. I’m BSC Degree of statistics student in Dilla University since 2011 and my studying will be ended in 2014. I need to get a free scholarship to continue my Master’s degree (Msc) or any programming related field your university

I a am post graduate nurse from Me’kelle university, Ethiopia; I do have a strong desire to join your university to follow my Mater in pediatric nursing. I hope that I will be the student of your university to work together to improve the health of the pediatric in the World. let us save the life of the new generation of the World.

I am Paul Jiaway residing in a western Sahara country called Liberia and, I am a graduate from the Saint Martin’s Catholic High School with a diploma and, I do want exceed my education to the highest level so, can you please help me. This is my email

I wish to study in the area of IT for my professional study.

Thanks as I await you for your response.

Benjamin S.Nyanneh.

I’m from Ethiopia. I’m BSC Degree of computer science student in Arba Minch University since 2009 and my studying will be ended in 2014. I need to get a free scholarship to continue my Master’s degree or in Advanced Aerospace Engineering (Msc) or any programming related field your university

My name is Meberahtom Birhane, Iam from Ethiopia.I would like to join your university. for my post graduate program in health faculty. let us create an educated man power in the World; to make the World is developed in to one common sprite. I wish I will enjoy your university for my better educational capacity.

Let us combat the heath factors that are affecting the heath of human beings by creating an educational weapon. let us learn, work ,discuss, investigate, solve the health problems of the World’s community together. Unity & education is our power of we human beings to create healthy society in this World. therefore; internal inspiration is the clue of the need for change. I hope that I will join your university to train the faculty that I proposed in the previous which is ( pediatric nursing in master program). We will work hard together we will be the influential intellectuals of the 21th century.
I wish u all things the best. “Health for all”

I am Olagbenro Yusuf Kolapo, am a Nigerian. Graduate of Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) Bachelor degree in Management and Accounting.

hello,am kidus mathewos & have received my Bsc degree in chemical engineering from Addis ababa university institute of technology. so i sincerely request you to be part of your scholarship award to pursue my Msc in chemical engineering related fields.

my name is Adan Abdi Adow i am gratuted faculty of computer science and IT
now i am security prifessional Expert and the problesms

Hi my name is Nimona Birhanu. I have B.pharm degree from Jimma university of ethiopia. I am sercheaing for free scholarsips for my msc.

Hello, Am veronicah Dion from Malawi I want this undergraduate scholarship as my first step of letting my country rise. Please I need to know how to send the application forms after filling them,

Contact +265 991791578

Am veronicah Dion from Malawi I want an undergraduate scholarship as my first step of letting my country rise. Please I need to know how to send the application forms after filling them,

Contact +265 991791578

I am Desalegn Legese I am graduated in 2017 at MBA ( Masters of Business Administration). If I get this chance I am happy to follow this PhD program.

All my dreams is become a day a free man to help my relatives in the stavetion i want this scholarship …..when i got my baccalauréat since 2014 i was carrer me in right departement but i wasn’t go besause my parents are poor

Hi? My name is Jacques Niyonkuru and I end my secondary school.I wish Like to join this university if You give that chance.I am Burundian in Africa.

i wish like to join in this university. my name Alkali Kijera from the Gambia and currently staying in the country. i have a bachelors in biology and minor in chemistry university of the Gambia. i am looking for a scholarship to study biomedical science as masters. i have completed my bachelors since 2016 and i am currently interns at MRC unit the Gambia. i will be very much glad to have a scholarship to study biomedical sciences as i was always dream of .

i wish like to join in this university. my name Alkali Kijera from the Gambia and currently staying in the country. i have a bachelors in biology and minor in chemistry. i sincerely requested a scholarship to study biomedical science as masters.

Does one have to apply for admission separately before applying for the scholarship or when you apply for scholarship, it moves in tandem with the admission application? My name is Atindow Musah from Ghana. Thank you.

This is bezabih, meseret simachew, I am passionate to continue my academic journy by masters degree to you organization. I am graduated in this year June, 2017, by chrmistry. Please contact me via phone no. +251920763968.
Thank you!

Sir thanks for this information on the Japanese scholarship for undergraduate, Masters and Doctorate degrees including international students. My area specialisation is Public Health(MPH).

Hi my name is Tyries L. Gaye and I hold a BSc Degree in Biology with minor in Chemistry in 2011 from The United Methodist University in Liberia. I am currently living in Liberia. I sincerely request a scholarship to study Medicine / Anatomy or Pathology as I have always dreamt of becoming a Medical Doctor in order to save lives, but since my graduation from College, I have found it very difficult to achieve my dream due to financial depression. I can assure you that if granted a scholarship, I will prove my competence and up hold all rules and regulations of your institution.


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