Dominican University Entrance Scholarship Information, 2018


Full Scholarships at Dominican University, 2018. This is to inform our students from around the world that a number of merit scholarships worth $12,000USD is available for International Students to study at Dominican University of San Rafael, California, United States of America.

The coeducational higher institution of learning is inviting applications from all qualified and interested students from various developing countries, including Africa, to apply for their 2018 scholarships and international students award.

To study in this university using the scholarships, candidates are expected to apply for admission into any of the school’s undergraduate academic programs on or before November 1, 2017.

Eligibility to apply:  

  • The scholarship is open to international students
  • Official Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) or the American College Test (ACT) scores is required.
  • English Language Requirement:  All international applicants for whom English is not the native tongue must provide proof of competence in the English language.

In addition to meeting the minimum cumulative GPA, to maintain Institutional aid eligibility, students must also meet Federal SAP eligibility; if the student is enrolled full-time, the student must earn at least 12 of their units attempted at the conclusion of the term, or if the student is not enrolled full-time, the student must earn at least 75% of their units attempted at the conclusion of the term.

Information regarding the application and details are available on the school website:



  • Hi Dear sir/madam??
    My name is Dinkisa Belay I have citizenship of Ethiopia and Am graduated by civics and ethical studies BA from Adigrat university by good GPA in 2017, my age is 20years old, on the skills of speaking language English, Oromo, Amhric respectively

    On the issues of money I haven’t, my families are poorer one

    Next to this I would like to say thanks for giving of this chance for less developed countries, Africa have different problems like that of instability, corruption, power sharing, power based roles and the like so the one and the only solution for this is if we are getting this chances in developed countries


    • are there other scholarships apart from unicaf because am below 23 and i need a bachelors programme scholarship.

  • I am pleased to inform you that I have been a creative project for a long time. It is no longer an opportunity to push forward in a suitable way to prepare for the general public of humanity in any water location on the globe so far, lacking my faith in the right time and place for the project. The project is a new branch of swimming sport where people from 3 years old can practice to the elderly
    Can you help me with scholarships in English first so I can manage the project with great technical skill when necessary demanding moral and material life?

  • I am a Zambian Citizen,aged 26,Single and a born again Christian.I am so excited to fall upon your website and to welcome the answer of my dream.I did my Cabin Crew Course Online and i have my Diploma but no work in my Country due to the lack of an Airline in my Country.I shall be grateful if you are going to allow me to fill the Vacant of your Scholarship and study in your University through Medicine as a Nurse or a Doctor.

  • MY name is AYINU TADESSE from Ethiopia , I have BA degree in Educational planning and management and I want to upgrade my educational level, but I have no financial support . I need your help to learn in your Educational institution. Please contact me with [email protected]

  • Hi please am by the names Jacob Atem an orphan from south sudan iam seriously in need of ur fully scholarship to study in any English speaking country .thanks

  • hello my name is Elsa da Piedade Tomás, I’m 19 years old
    I finished high school this year I’m looking for an opportunity like this to do higher education without paying in this case I want so much to win this bag
    Taking the course of production engineering
    or even Clinical tests or laboratory techniques
    as a course of medicine
    I at the middle school did the course of industrial chemistry
    I really hope your answer
    Thank you!
    I’m from Angola—>Africa
    I don’t speak English very well

  • Wait a precious moment for humanity
    Greetings to the working group in the educational, cultural and artistic establishment
     I am one of those who dream of a project for the general public. See scholarships in English and I am pleased to give you the opportunity to continue my proposal in the field of social solidarity in swimming.
    Yes, at the time I exclusively owned the project in the sport of modern swimming to the world has never been seen in ancient human history is the modern heritage and a new branch of sports to take care of swimming (29 years ago)
    I seek an incubator environment above all to support access to the right places to drive the project so that it is ready for all humans in every deep water environment where work is
    At this moment, yes, the need is needed for partners all over the world and in every country, especially in deep aquatic environments (sports clubs, swimming pools, rivers, etc.). I mean by the people of the world. This is an invitation to every human being on earth when he seems to enjoy it. The world is bound to be for you as an interesting witness or an accomplished practitioner or winner of an award-winning no doubt but a spiritual or spiritual enhancement
    Your support means the birth of a new heritage of mankind in the field of swimming sports we meet in the field of work in every state and location of water
    Long live the talent for those who want entertainment, happiness and rescue without means or means in all locations of aquatic environments at the world level
    I sincerely hope to expand the project by giving birth to this talent
    My application: English language scholarships (Diploma of English intensive and comprehensive courses between 6 months to one year) and I then work my desire to do social solidarity work in the appropriate and appropriate location to push forward the project of the nominal project

  • I am Francis Kanty From Guinea Conakry. I Which to have this scholarship so that i can fodder my studies in An English Speaking Country.

  • Yes am from Ethiopia and i was graduated by ( water supply and environmental engineering ) BSc degree. and i have 2 years and 4 month work experience. Then please help me to achieve the master program with full scholarship.

  • Hello my name is Hicham Bachouche from Algeria. I am studying in the first year of the Human Rights Department. I hope you will help me to enter your respectable university. Thank you for this initiative.

  • Hi dear/Sir I am debre Shibeshi from Ethiopia I have degree in electrical and computer engineer so plc give me ur opportunity I want continue my mastors

  • personal data
    Name: mohamed
    countary: somalia
    sex: male
    age: 17
    martial stutus: single
    date of brith: 2000
    2.Education background
    primary school:khadab primary schools
    secodary school:ilays high schools
    colleges:tisqad computer science school
    English very good
    somali excellent
    arabic very good

    hi i requensted this scholarship to accept my cv education
    iwould say”please accept me i don’t have enough money to learn university education my family are poor so irequest you apply my comment please please.

    My contact is:
    [email protected]

  • My name is Tella Aurex Josias, Benin and looking for scholarship in the field of marketing, studies, development and other similar…

  • My name is a Bacha Girma Debele with 31 old years Ethiopia. I graduate from of Madda Walabu University in Animal and Range Science, & from YIDCOL in Agribusiness Management and Development. I will be continue my Master study program in both fields and to secure my dream of becoming an expert in that courses. I will be my wish and greatest joy if am granted a scholarship. My phone +251920382219

  • Im from Ethiopia my name is Senait Melaku I have BSc degree on computer science now I want to continue my MBA in your school.

  • Hello I’m Ebrima Jallow from the Gambia I want to attend my study courses at your university please enroll me to your institution.Here it’s my dial +2207513009

    1 Personal Data
    Name Lekiber Moges
    Sex Female
    Place of Birth Bale Robe
    Date of Birth 1993 E.C
    Martial Status Married
    Nationality Ethiopian
    Telephone No. +251921878920 / +251913797550
    2. Educational Background
    Elementary School (1-8) Zaybela Elementary School
    Secondary School (9-10) Bale Robe High School
    Enat Business College of Accounting Diploma
    National College of BA Degree Accounting
    4. Language Skill writing,reading,speaking
    1 Amharic Excellent
    2 English V.good
    hello dear!I appreciate you for your giving us chance.!I
    my email address [email protected]
    Thank you for your help.

  • My name is Kelly Kibet Cherop,from Kenya.I am a graduate of Bachelor of art in Economics from Moi University passed with second class honors upper division,am looking ford to upgrade my studies in USA .I will be so grateful is you consider me a sponsorship to come study my Masters.GOD BLEES.

  • hi, i can not wait to start. I want to fulfill the requirements and then to start. please my email is listed below. update me.

  • my name is Tariku Tadesa sagi from Ethiopiia ad I am very interested with the opportunity university space mentioned above. l had gone B.A degree at Jimma University in 2013/14 But never had a chance to continue M.A due to the financial issue. Now am looking forward that you will consider my application. My God bless you.

  • I am Awash Woldegebriel from Ethiopia I have Second Degree in Public Management I want to continue in PHD Programs in related fields contact No +251911037259

  • Hi am belze stone i stay in africa with my mom n dad i am a student my mom sell to pay my feed n my dad have no job i need a help to end my school .

  • My name is Alusine salish Dumbuya. I am a premedical student at Sierra Leone college of medicine. Age 23 but I will like to pursued this my are of study I your university because u can not specialize in your fill of study in my country.

  • My name is Onkemetse Kealotswe from Botswana in Southern Africa. I am thankful to you for the opportunity. I hold BACHELOR OF PHARMACY(hons). I want to pursue a master degree in CLINICAL PHARMACY.

  • My name is suleiman elmi ahmed please i want to get this opportunity to learn my university level in california i am willing to success and i will thank you

  • I am bleze stone i stay in liberia with my mom n dad my mom sell food for me to pay my feed but now she is ill n my dad has no job life out here is hard n i need help to end my school i whont to learn to help other student in africa.

  • My name is Sisay Boka from Ethiopia and I am third year material science and Engineering student at ASTU and I am interested to this chance

  • Hello my name is conde fanta I’m student I am 18 years old I am really interested in scholarship I hope you would help me to have this scholarship I tank you for this opportunity tank you

  • Hi my higher.I am Sidibé Ibrahim,I live in Ivory cost I obtain my baccalaureate this year and I want to continue my study in USA I want to do informatic and application developer .thank for your comprehension

  • Hello Dear, my name is Solomon George, I will be happy if i got this opportunity in my entire life.I want to do international relation.

  • Aubrey Thauzen male by gender.

    I am very interested with the opportunity university space mentioned above. From Malawi to the sourthen part of African. l had gone to primary and secondary school of Malaw.But never had a chance to continue till to the university due to the financial issue. Now am looking forward that you will consider my application. My God bless you.

  • My name is ZEKPA anoumou mawuto,i m seriously want to study in USA but i don’t have the options to get to USA.I m in university of lomé (Togo) in my last year to have my licence on sociology

  • Dear sir /madam my name is kinfe from Ethiopia I have first degree in business education and development I want to study more in this field to upgrade myself in my first study I have 3.55 CGPA and I already teach for 9 years in my country please help me tostudy more thank you

  • I am Meles Fsehaye. I’ve graduated with business management and marketing in Eritrea & my performance level was very good. Now I want to upgrade my educational standard. please help me what can I do to realize my dream.

  • My name is Bekuma.From Graduate from Jimma University by language and liturature.(MA) So i need to be

  • Hello.
    I am of Guinean nationality but I am currently studying in the kingdom of Morocco. I do a business school and and do the 2nd year. I have always been passionate about the world of business or otherwise business, hence my vision for finance and accounting. USA would be for me the destination par excellence because it is the great crossroads of all the business of the world.accessing your university would be the best gift of my life because not only is my dream country a reality, but also a financial scholarship and a university like yours. the last degree.I really look forward to being among your staff because sincerely I am close to any dream to get to your university and take back the undergraduate university.
    Pending a favorable response, receive my most modest greetings

  • Mon october 16 at 21:47
    My personality
    Name naema hariir
    In somalia
    Date of bith 15 may 1998
    Eduction background
    Elemerty school qudhac dheer (1,8)
    Secondary school noradin grils (1,4) graduation in 2016/2017 i will like to give me chance in my university to go usa

  • my name is jambere urgessa and i’m from Ethiopia. i do have BSc in life science (biology) and i need to improve my academical background to overcome the challenges that my country has been facing due to lack of well educated scholars. i hope you may give some credits for the issues i’m raising via which i will may intersect with my wish. thank you for your consideration

  • Henewaa Priscilla is my name an SHS graduate. Hoping to study pharmacy I wish u could grant me the opportunity to get your scholarship. I am a Ghanaian.. And I live in Ghana (Brong Ahafo region)

  • I am meseret am live in Ethiopian. A fresh grudute in civil enginerring and i would like to work master in related course

  • Dear, Admission Office
    My name is Mohamed azim I am Sudanese, i want to study master degree in Agricultural sciences, plant protection, entomology science, can i apply to this scholarship?

  • My name is Safewo Shako, From Ethiopia and looking for Scholarship t the area of Marketing , Development studies and other similar..

  • Hello
    I am lisamarie a nineteen year old Ugandan girl. I am currently pursuing a bachelors in laws at a Ugandan university. I requesting to be included in your merit scholarships for 2018 . Any positive response to my humble request is appreciated with sincereity

    1 Personal Data
    Name Abebe mengist
    Sex Male
    Place of Birth gonder
    Date of Birth 1992 E.C
    Martial Stutus Single
    Nationality Ethiopian
    Phsical Condition Normal
    Telephone No. +251915854700 / +251942015552/ +251939602353
    2. Educational Background
    Elementary School (1-8) Asfa meda Elementary School
    Secondary School (9-10) Tagel Elementary School
    Preparatory School (11-12) Tagel Preparatory School
    Haramaya University College of computing and informatics
    Department of Information Science with GPA of 3.06
    4. Language
    No. Language Speaking Listening Writing Reading
    1 Amharic Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent
    2 English V.good Excellent Excellent Excellent
    hello dear!I appreciate you for your giving us chance.!I am Abebe Mengist Andargie from ethiopia and have bsc in information science from Haramaya university. and I would like to apply for master in it (MSc degree in computer engineering and computer science nad related fields )
    If you invite me you call by

    phone number +251915854700 / +251942015552/ +251939602353
    my email adress [email protected]
    Thank you for your help.
    With regards

  • allow me, before anything else, to offer you my most respectful greetings.
    samuel yav is my name, Congolese nationality but living in zimbabwe for study reasons. I would like you to grant me a scholarship to study at your university. in fact I am a africa university nicely with the family support. the latter does not allow me to evolve well in the research, makes my restoration difficult, complicated medical care and others.
    thus, I took you to kindly intervene in my favor according to the largesse of your heart. I dare believe that after our training, we will be useful to you.
    counting on your goodness, we hope that our request will retain your attitude.
    I beg you to receive our most distinguished sentiments.

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