University of Oulu Scholarship 2013


  • Applicants are eligible to apply for a University of Oulu IM Scholarship 2013, if they are Non-EU/EEA citizens who do not have a permanent residence permit in Finland
  • Eligible to apply for a Master’s degree programme at the University of Oulu for academic year 2013 – 14. The applicant has obtained their first academic degree (Bachelor’s or equivalent) from a recognised institution of higher education
  • Applicants who are in their last term/semester of studies during the application period, can apply for the scholarship
  • Applicants who receive a conditional offer of study placement for a Master’s programme will receive a conditional scholarship offer.
Applicants not eligible for the International Master’s Scholarship are:
  • Non-EU/EEA citizens who have a permanent residence permit in Finland,
  • EU/EEA citizens or comparable persons
  • University of Oulu students who have been accepted to study BEFORE the academic year 2013 – 14.
Admissions and scholarships decisions will be taken at the same time. Those students successful in obtaining an International Master’s Scholarship will be notified at the same time as their offer of admission to their International Master’s programme is confirmed.
International Master’s programmes in the scholarship scheme 2013–14:
Architectural Design
Astronomy and Space Physics
Barents Environmental Engineering (BEE)
Ecology and Population Genetics (ECOGEN)
Education and Globalisation (EdGlo)
Finance (MF)
Financial and Management Accounting (FMA)
International Business (IB)
Learning, Education and Technology (LET)
Magnetic Resonance in Materials (MRM)
Protein Science and Biotechnology
Software, Systems and Services Development in Global Environment (GS3D)
Synchrotron Radiation Based Science and Accelerator Physics
Wireless Communications Engineering (WCE)
How to Apply
There is no separate application for the International Master’s Scholarship. All applicants for University of Oulu Master’s degree programmes need to complete the Student Application Form. Those applicants who are applying for the University of Oulu International Master’s Scholarship have to additionally complete the “Application for Scholarship,” which can be found at the end of the Student Application Form. The International Master’s Scholarship application form cannot be completed and/or submitted without the Student Application Form.
Required Documents
  • Application Form
  • Copy of Bachelor’s (or higher) degree certificate in original language / Temporary (provisional) degree certificate
  • Translation of Bachelor’s degree certificate if original document is not issued in English, Finnish or Swedish
  • Copy of transcript of records of Bachelor’s (or higher) degree in original language
  • Translation of transcript of records of Bachelor’s degree if original document is not issued in English, Finnish or Swedish
  • Proof of language proficiency
  • Copy of passport’s information page or a copy of an official ID card
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV) in Europass CV format
  • Two recommendation letters
  • Applicants for Architectural Design are required to submit a portfolio with the other documents.
January 31, 2013. Application will open on December 3, 2012
For more information, and to apply, visit their website by clicking here.
Information about required documents from applicants can be found here.
To learn more about the step-by-step procedure for applying, and to start your application online, click here.



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