Walden University Scholarships – Online 2018


An application has opened for Walden University 2018 scholarship awards targeted at students who are limited by time to study. Application is online for those seeking online degree from Walden in 2018.

Walden University noticed that attending school amidst other professional and social responsibilities can be daunting on prospect students and has mapped out the scholarship program to encourage enrolment for the coming session.

It’s the case of Get Educated – a website which prides itself of being a consumer’s guide to online education.

On top of providing users with useful information and tips, Get Educated is also awarding a $1,000 scholarship to students enrolled with an accredited online degree program.

To access the grant, candidates need to have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 which is not a super strict requirement, although other scholarships programs will allow you to send in your application even with a GPA of 2.5.

All applications are online. Apply now and stand a chance of being selected for either of $12,000 or $1,000 scholarship award at Walden University this year. www.waldenu.edu



  • Greetings
    I am pleased with your time since I have been in the past century since the last century, there is nothing in life behind the reasons for me to progress or delay for a long time. This is what happened to me when we were in the first row of the middle stage of a school has added us in the English language curriculum. The story of an English man that he invented a moving machine in the air, land and sea made me wonder of this man whenever you think this man, I am between three things of wonder and love and mysticism, asking God to give me a note no one has ever before I dreamed my dream in the river Chari in Chad that sit on me The surface of the depths of the water and swim to the interface I want to burn in a way Sports can be any person to practice when he wants, especially from childhood to the elderly
     I see the delay in expanding the project. The environment around me is not fully prepared to drive the project forward, but I did not notice the continuation of the study until after I knew the value of moral and physical addition to being a new heritage of the country and the world. I see happiness for the general humanity in space-time in water sites.
    Now learn to strengthen my English language skills intensive and comprehensive courses and then seek to expand the nominal project
    To enjoy human leisure, rescue and international competitions it is a new branch of swimming sport
    So I seek the opportunity to scholarship in the language and then do the social solidarity work at the right time and place to go to the world wide range of sports clubs looked swimming and jealous of deep water sites long and short depth
    Thus we are in the basket of history, but the best days govern events
    We conclude with a short story that will explain what remained when the birth of the heritage
    We hope to be an encouraging response to the service of humanity before it is my own interest
    It’s up to me who matters

  • My name is mulugeta Abuye and I have Bsc degree Construction Technology Management From Dilla University College of engineering and Technology
    currently I’m Assistant lecturer in Dilla University College of engineering and Technology
    So i want upgrade my profession status construction engineering,construction engineering management ,construction materials engineering
    pleas give me the chance and contact my address phone number +251926283411 and [email protected]

  • Dear
    My name is yrgalem desta from Ethiopia, am looking for PHD scholarship in your organization in any field of economics, I have BA dgree in economics with 3.48 GPA and MSc degree In natural resources and environmental economics with 3.95 GPA.


  • I’m very glad to hear that. Really appreciate your generosity and your helpful. In fact, really I’m very interested to get this scholarship because I would like to realise my dreams and increase my knowledge and my experience too. Thanks

  • I thank you very much, for creating Scholarship facility for those who want learn, but they can’t afford the means it because they are from family background, that money to educate them. For example in my case I want learn to highest degree, but the unfortunate part to me I don’t someone in my family to sponsure me. I will be happy and create full if i am consider by the University in your scholarship scheme.I am Sierra Leoneon.

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