$210 Million Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Scholarship – 2018/19


We are happy to inform our students all over the world that $210 million Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Scholarship application forms are out for the 2018/19 academic admission year in universities located in USA, Canada, UK, Netherlands and Africa.

Every year, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation scholarship program offers financial aids to international students in science, technology, health (medicine), business and administration to study in world class universities and colleges. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation scholarship aims at providing grants, internships, donations and jobs to less privileged scholars.

Usually, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is focused on providing scholarships to undergraduates, masters and doctorate degree students. But they also provide assistance to those in colleges and secondary schools. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation worth depends on the type of degree, courses and location/country.

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Scholarship Application

Most of the deadline for the Bill Gates Scholarships is 15th November every year. In this edition, students from all over the world is welcome to apply. Those from these countries are also welcome to apply.

  • East and South Africa: Kenya, Uganda, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi, South Africa, Tanzania, Mauritius
  • Middle East and North Africa: Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Oman, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Egypt, Sudan, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco
  • South East Asia: Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar (Burma), Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam
  • Hong Kong, Nigeria, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Japan, S. Korea, Norway, Turkey

Details regarding online application for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Scholarship Endowment programs are available on the foundations website. Use the links provided to apply for the program as soon as you can.



  • My name is Adane Arega Woldemariam, an Ethiopian Citizen
    Education status: Diploma in forestry, BSc. in plant science and MSc. in plant breeding
    work experience: 10 years in Agricultural office and 7 years research experience currently i am working in Oromia Agricultural Research Institute based at Bako Agricultural research center. Hence, i kindly request you to consider me in any PHD scholarship opportunity in the area of Agriculture (Biotechnology/plant breeding and genetics. hope hearing good news from your side
    Adane Arega
    Bako, Ethiopia

  • It’s a great opportunity and im amazed at the offer…I’d like to be a partaker of such opportunity..I’m a medical student in university of Benin, Nigeria…

  • My name is OULLA. I am from IVORY COAST ( western Africa).Now i”am doing a mastercard in Law.Last year, i have been the winner of the african moot court competion on human rights, organized by the Centre for Human Rights in Maurtius .It will be a real chance for me to win this scholarschip and continue to start human rights outside.Lot of thanks to Bill and Melina Gates for this action in favor of education.

  • Iam very need this chance because iam life in poor country i life in somalia so as you know somalia is a country poor and thier state is not good so please and please help me iam very like to reach my target i would like to contact me 002520634368221
    thanks all

  • I am looking for support from your foundation.
    I am a Malawian young man struggling with school fees at chancellor college where I’m doing my bachelor’s degree.
    Please help me!

  • I am looking for support from your foundation.
    I am a Malawian young man struggling with school fees at chancellor college where I’m doing my bachelor’s degree.
    Please help me!

  • First of I would like to say thank you to the foundation owner and I have been so much interested. If you offer the chance to a program at the University thank you.

  • Il est belle cette bourse mais suis malheureux de pas trouver le nom de mon pays voir même l’Afrique Centrale; Moi c’est ABOUBAKAR je suis Camerounais et étudiant en première année filière GESTION en COMMERCE INTERNATIONAL, je souhaite pour suivre mes études à l’étranger mais faute de mon statut social qui me permet pas, c’est le pourquoi je postule aujourd’hui pour une demande de BOURSE à la fondation GATES.
    Merci et Bonjour

  • Hello: I would like to get my PhD in Accounting. Will you give me the opportunity? Please, thank you.

  • I am Ethiopian and I have problem of hearing now i am learing public health at Arba Minch university , Ethiopian. please help me to get good education and need some help from you. please give me chance to learn at one university.

  • I am from Madagascar and I am wondering if Madagascar is an elligible country in this scholarship application
    I am a student on social works and humanities development

  • my name is ibrahim iam from somalia graduated for high seconder shcool ilike to continue my learning ilike to an medicine and motivating me to have this chance please i.m humbly asking for this opportunity thank you

  • first of i would like to say thank you to the foundation owner and his priceless worker. please give a chance to study my master under support of your company i have bsc in electrical and computer engineering

  • I am Tamrat Dinkale Beyene from Ethiopia. I am a researcher at Oromia Agricultural Research Institute in Mechara Agricultural Research Center in the position of animal feed breeder. In Ethiopia in general, there is the deficiency of animal feed. This shortage causes low production and productivity in the country. When I upgrade my skill, I try to solve such kind of problem in animal production sector to increase production and productivity. Ethiopia is one of the countries that leading African countries by the number of animal quantity and last by quality and quantity of production and productivity. All this problem is happened due to the low level of knowledge concerning to animal production. On the behind of me when I get the chance, I try to solve these obstacles of livestock production. So, I hope that I got this chance from the discipline of Animal science, Animal production, poultry, fishery, any field of the Livestock sector.

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