University of Toronto Scholarships 2018/19 – Application Guide


University of Toronto scholarships are available throughout each admission year mostly awarded to deserving students upon entrance. U of T has a range of scholarships and financial aids for indigenous, foreign (international), African and Pakistani Students. Prospective students looking at financial aid options to study in Toronto, Ontario Canada in 2018/19 should use this guide.

University of Toronto Scholarships 2018/19

Scholarships recognize academic excellence and may also take into account community involvement, leadership, creativity and other qualities. Take the time to explore the many scholarships and awards available – and apply!

In addition to University of Toronto scholarships, you should also consider the many awards offered through various external companies and agencies. If you have questions regarding these awards, you should direct them to the awarding organization. These awards are updated frequently, so check back regularly for up-to-date information.

Admission Scholarships are for those individuals applying to the University for undergraduate studies.

In-course Scholarships are available to students currently registered at the University of Toronto. Additional information on In-course Scholarships is available through a Division’s (Campus, Faculty, College) Registrar’s Office.

University of Toronto Admission Scholarships

Discover over 3,600 undergraduate admission scholarships that the University of Toronto, along with its faculties, campuses and colleges, awards each year.

Eligible high school students are automatically considered for a variety of admission scholarships when they apply to the University. Awards and cut-offs vary by campus, faculty and college.

There are also admission scholarships that require a separate application, and others that require you to complete an awards profile.

U of T In-course Scholarships

University of Toronto students have access to over 5,000 in-course scholarships every year. These scholarships are awarded to current students who are excelling in their programs. For example, through the University of Toronto Scholars Program, students completing their first, second or third year of study can receive scholarships of $1,500 each – the University offers 100 of these per level every year.

Top students will automatically be considered for most of these awards, but be sure to browse through the various opportunities, as some do require applications.

With some exceptions, students are permitted to retain multiple awards up to a maximum aggregate value of $15,000 per year.

Campus, Faculty and College Scholarships

Campuses, faculties and colleges offer both admission and in-course scholarships to their outstanding students. Several colleges also offer residence scholarships.

Qualified students will be automatically considered for most of these scholarships. Others will require an application. Please refer to the individual college or faculty web site listed below for further information.

Candidates who wish to explore more and apply for any of the University of Toronto Scholarships should please visit the school official website to know more.



  • I am Marcel RAMDE from Burkina Faso. I am enrolled in an on-line Master Program in Linguistics with the International Atlantic University. I wish you could help me with partial scholarship to support my tuition fee which is $10 900. thanks in advance

  • My name is Éric Ambanga, from cameroon,graduated in urbain engineering.nos i’m searching for full scholarship to attend My PhD Program in urban développent or town planning.

  • My name is Feyissa Midakso
    I Have MBA in finance and Currently Branch Manager at DASHEN BANK S.C i need phd programm by MBA

  • i want to apply for the scholarship this year but i have been facing problem of how to apply for full funded scholarship and i need you to help me through the process.if desire to read computer network in any university in Canada or any IT program in any university in Canada.please i will be waiting for your reply to my message.thank you.

  • My name is Dinkisa Belay I have graduated by civics and ethical studiesBA and I would like to learn in your university am interested fully

  • Dear all:

  • I am Simone from Ethiopia. I am at the age of 24. I have BS.c. degree in land administration and surveying and currently I am working as assistance lecturer in Mekelle University , Ethiopia. I am need to study my master program. I ma hopefully to be select me for this scholarship opportunity.

  • First of all, I would like to express my deepest gratitude for who preparing these opportunities and acknowledge you for offering educational opportunities for developing countries especially for Sub- Saharan Africa. I was graduated with MA degree from Ambo University in the field of Rural development since Nov14, 2014 G.C. Currently; I am working at Madda Walabu University as lecturer which is one of the governmental educational institutes that locates in the southern part of Ethiopia. I am young energetic and eager to continue my phD program in development study and other related fields but, due to financial incapability still, I couldn’t attend my advance study to update my skills and knowledge. Now I’m searching for full scholarship to attend my phD program.

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