Study in Germany Scholarships for Int'l Students 2017/18


Study in Germany Scholarships for Int’l Students 2017/18. A non-governmental organization based in Germany, Reporters in Crisis or War-Torn Countries is offering fully funded scholarships to students of international origin whose countries are considered a crisis zone.
To apply and be considered by the scholarship board, each applicants, among other things must be able to communicate in both English and German Languages fluently. Application is expected to close by July 31st; in absence of increment in fees.
All International Students applicants must be able to prove to the admission and visa officer that he/she would return to their countries upon completion of their study programs.
Value of the Scholarships: The study aid offer travel expenses, a decent apartment, pocket money and free transportation in Berlin for up to three months. Participants may not be able to make a decision, but they are not allowed to do so.
Please use the application form and send the requested documents to: [email protected] .



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