2018 Edufrica Home and Overseas Scholarships for African Students

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 Edufrica Home and Overseas is inviting applications from students who wish to pursue a degree abroad for the year academic session. 2018 Edufrica Home and Overseas Scholarships for African Students is a generous scholarships to African students in Africa and overseas to pursue an undergraduate, master’s, MBA and PhD programmes within and outside Africa.
 2018 Edufrica Home and Overseas Scholarships for African Students
Edufrica is an online multimedia platform, which addresses the informational and planning needs of African scholars and students in Africa and overseas.
Scholarship Type: 

The scholarship is open for Undergraduates, MBA, Msc and PhD students.

Field of study:

Any of the courses offered in the university

Scholarship Benefit:

  • Three $250 scholarships for Africa-based students: One shall be awarded each at undergraduate, masters and PhD levels.
  • Three $500 scholarships for overseas-based students: We will strive to distribute the scholarships between different geographical locations. Students studying in any continent besides Africa can apply.
  • One $250 hardship fund: This is open to overseas-based African students who run into unexpected hardships and need some support to pull through. Priority will be given to students in their final year of study or those undertaking big projects.

Countries Eligible to Apply For The Scholarship:

Strictly for African Countries

Are you Eligible to Apply 2018 Edufrica Home and Overseas Scholarships for African Students?

Students are to met the following requirements to be qualified for the scholarship;

  • Applicants must have spent at least one year in his/her current program and be able to produce transcripts if shortlisted.
  •  All sections of the application form must be completed and be ready to produce proof of registration at a university.
  • Applicants must be registered in an accredited university either in Africa or overseas and be enrolled full time in the university.
  • Academic excellence: Only those who have demonstrated excellence in their studies will be selected for the scholarship.
  •  Applicants must demonstrate ways they have contributed to their community. Both community and contribution are defined very broadly.
  • An applicant must be a citizen of an African country; Applicants studying overseas must be doing so as an international student with your home country’s passport.
  • Applicants essays must be within the word limit.
  • Applicants whose first language is not English are usually required to provide evidence of proficiency in English at the higher level required by the University.

How to Apply For The Scholarship:

To apply for the scholarship, an application form must be completed. Applicants will have to submit one essay. Discussing your dream for the continent or your country and your role in it. What do you wish to see?  What do you wish different stakeholders on the continent would do? What do you want to do after graduation? (max. 500 words) Hardship scholarship only: Please describe the nature of the hardship and why you do not have any other way of raising funds to address it.

Complete the application form by clicking on the link

Application Deadline:

July 2015, 2018

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  • The scholar ship given to African students of third world countries is humeniterian help since the chance to get Phd and Masters degree course is narrow like a bottel Neck mostly it is a previlage not a right. We Africans feel proud of your kindness , considerations and organized Effort for providing us with further Educational chance. It explains our humeniterian love,Intigrity,coperation ,Good governace,economic interdependance and our contenetal struggle to reduce povertiy illetrecy andpromote the three generetional right and freedom of Africans..
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