How to Get a Full Scholarship in 2018/19 Session


How to Get a Full Scholarship in 2018/19 Session. There are many scholarships available than you may think. Scholarships differ from loans in that they offer free money. You can therefore expect stiff competition for most scholarships.

It is worth your time and effort to seek out the relevant scholarships and apply for them. Start looking for scholarships and grants months before you need them. If you are a postgraduate student, you can apply for fellowships which are scholarships for graduate students.

You also need to know what to expect from a scholarship when you apply for it. Some scholarships are fully funded, others are partial. Plan to wait for several weeks or months to find out whether you got the scholarship.

The best way to obtain a scholarship is to do a thorough research in this website. There is no short cut. You need to click on almost every link, read through and find out if you qualify. Apply for many scholarships; you can never apply for too many!

How to Get a Scholarship: In the scholarships and grants section of this website, you will find many organizations, colleges and universities that offer scholarships. If you follow the links given, you will get their addresses and contact information.

All the scholarships in that section are offered annually. Some organizations may not have updated the website/application dates since the last deadline. They should answer you on any query in regard to this.

Each organization, college or university has its own criteria that a student must meet to be considered for the scholarship.

Once you have the contact information of the organizations, you must write to them and request an application. Some offer an online application. Ensure you send your request well ahead of the deadline.

You can check list of countries offering scholarships here.



  • Hello Dear Sir/ Madam,
    I am Boru Tari from Ethiopia and My educational background it was my first in Bachelors degree in public health officer in 2015. So I am very interested to study free full scholarship so I need help and the support from the staff of all Full Scholarship given then contact me in cellphone /WhatsApp +251916653786
    GOD bless you in all thing and also bless all of your families.

    Help Human For Humanity Only

    Thanks for all Dear Sir / Madam,

  • i am Daniel Debalke i LIve in Addis Abeba ethiopia i was graguated from royal University COllege
    BA in Accounting Phone no.+251934461179.

  • Glory Be To God For Linking Me To This Website! And I Believe God Who Has Led Me Will Grant Me Schorlarship Here. God Bless You Team For Your Effort.

  • In-fact i am very happy to see such great opportunity where is a scholarship to those who need to study! i wish i get a chance to be given a such chance , it could led me to hit my future to the world and myself too.

  • Hello iam called MANIRAGABA THARCISSE iam from RWANDA iam also kindly interested, if you allow me to study in your universities for scholarship this will help pe to acquire more skills

  • Dear Scholarship Team
    First of all, I am grateful to you for the opportunity of providing such help. My name is BRAHIM EL HADAR from morocco now am living in morocco, I am
    physicien student the 2 year ,really this is golden opportunity for economically disadvantaged students, Am looking forward to hear from you so as to avail myself this opportunity so if coll me +212602545656 or email address [email protected]

  • bonjour pour moi un étudiant en 1ére année de Génie Informatique bientôt 2éme année en Université de Centrafrique (Bangui) je sollicite auprès de vous Bourse d’Etude chez vous pour continuer les restes de mes Etudes chez vous

  • Good day sir, my name is Ayigi Aduragbemi from Nigeria. Am an undergraduate, it will be the joy of my heart if am among the lucky winners of this year’s africanscholarship program. To further my studies on medicine and surgery.

  • for sure ihave interest for the scholarship not online but full time but ihave kept rying and nevr goin through. please send me guides on [email protected]. am from uganda and idi aducation as my proffession.

  • My name is yared tesfaye,i am Ethiopian I want to study master in athletics track events ,my current profession is sport officer and i have degree in health and physical education!

  • Dear Scholarship Team,
    First of all, I am grateful to you for the opportunity of providing such help. My name is Kebede Jambo Haile, an expert at Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources in Ethiopia. I am glad in writing this letter with the anxiety at informing you my readiness if I get chance of this scholarship. Because, scholarship is the best way to get further specialized studies and accomplish career goals. It also helps once finance tuition fees and enable him/her to fully concentrate on his/her Education. So, I wish to benefit from the opportunity you gave for students around the globe and kindly to inform you that I have become particularly interested to attend my PhD in any courses related to my background study. Pursuing a PhD is part of my academic aspirations. I aim to make more impact, to leave a legacy. I have become more ambitious, knowing that, with hard work, everything is within reach. Kindly help me out, I have BS.c Degree in Natural Resources Management and MS.c. degree in Environmental Science Study. This is my contact number +251912 233090.
    I will appreciate if my request is kindly granted. Thank you in advance!

    Kebede J.

  • My name is Unimkong Bonny Adie, a law graduate from Nigeria. I would be very grateful if I can be offered a scholarship to pursue a Master of Laws program so as to develop my society and the world at large.

  • Thank you for the scholarship opportunity, iam Deng Joseph from south Sudan, iam a continuing student at MMU and i wish to finalised my studies in USA so it will be of great pleasure to me if iam given the opportunity for sholarship.Thanks you may contact here.+211953777444 or email [email protected]

  • Thanks for getting in touch with me ,I tray tray to get this scholarship for along time ,but I can’t get it till know please help me how I can get it ???

  • Hi my name is Birtukan abebe from Ethiopia. I graduated in this year BA in business administration with an excellent result. I want to study master but I don’t have anyone to pay for me. I need these scholarships urgently. Please help me, my entire dream is to study and serve my country. I will be very glad to hear from you. Thank you. Gmail; [email protected].

  • Helloo am a ugandan first year Medical student pursing a bacholar in medicine and surgery but straggling with tuition which scholarship can i apply for thank u

  • Dear sir, I wish to apply at your humble office for full scholarship, I’m a high school graduate with Diploma and W.A.E.C Certificate. However, I’m a Guinean and I could be very grateful if you offer me this great opportunity by getting a full Scholarship.

  • Hello,my name is Shalom Endrias , 2 year BSC MIDWIFE student at Ethiopia.If you are happy I want to gain this opportunity.

  • hello my Name is Ahmednur Abdi Ahmed from ethiopia I studies frist degre by Marketing managment from Jigjiga university jigjiga ethiopia I need to study by International marketing thank yo

  • Hello Dear! I’m Hana Tadiyos from Ethiopia and I have BA degree in public Administration and Development Management with CGP 3.08 from university of Wolayita soddo, Ethiopia. Therefore, I would like to continue my Master’s degree in one of your university.I hopefully waiting my lucky. thank you for your Contribution.

  • Hello Desr! I’m Hana Tadiyos from Ethiopia and I have BA degree in public Administration and Development Management with CGP 3.08 from university of Wolayita soddo, Ethiopia. Therefore, I would like to continue my Master’s degree in one of your university.I hopefully waiting my lucky. thank you for your Contribution.

  • hey dear i’m Addisu Tadesse from Ethiopia i am working in community health center by diploma clinical nurse on TB,hiv and emergency care and how i can apply for free scholarship on health related Bsc ?

  • i’m Boru Urgessa From Z country Ethiopia.I have BA Degree In Journalism & Communication Since 2012.i have worked reporter media in govermental communication affairs Teltelle.Ethiopia September 2012 up to present.if u give me masters scholarship i would like to learn ur;[email protected] or phone;+251936476709

  • My Name is Peter Arobogast student of finally year in university of Dar es salaam Tanzania East Africa pursuing Political Science and Public Administration(PSPA)my know exactly time to apply scholarship?

  • Dilla,Ethiopia
    from wolde Ayele
    Hello dear,may name is wolde Ayele. I live in form the developing country of Ethiopia.I am 31 years old. graduate in sociology and social Anthropology (first degree) in paradise valley university college. I have interest to learn master mangment. may current GPA 2.9 is in paradise valley university if possible pleas inform me by Email address
    [email protected]
    from Ethiopia
    wolde Ayele



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