List of Winners: Mastercard Foundation Scholarship McGill University


Profiles and list of successful winners of Mastercard Foundation Scholarship McGill University, Canada has been released online. Last year, McGill partnered with the Mastercard Foundation (NGO) to provide international students from Africa with fully funded scholarships in their chosen course of study. Other applicants can check their scholarship status on the sponsors website.

The Scholars Program is implemented through our partner universities and NGOs that serve young people from vulnerable backgrounds.  The application process and decision-making is managed by each partner in the Program.  Students are considered for the Program must be academically strong and have demonstrated a commitment to making a difference in the lives of others.

If you are interested in becoming a Mastercard Foundation Scholar in 2018, you must apply through any of the partner universities listed in their website, or better still check this link for all Mastercard Scholarship announcements.

The 2017/18 winners of Mastercard Foundation Scholarship McGill University whose profiles are thus listed were drawn based on merit – their academic strength, financial need, region of origin and other qualities having met with all the Mastercard Foundation Scholarship requirements for their application period.

2017/18 Winners Mastercard Foundation Scholarship McGill

1. Nicholas

“I am a proud African…However, we, Africans should take up the challenge to confront problems that are approaching us head-on and also harness opportunities knocking at our doors.”

2. Iptisam

“A great leader is someone who would sacrifice a lot for the people you are supposed to be guiding.”

3. Valary

“My wildest dream is finding a way to use water hyacinth for energy production, because I am interested in the renewable energy sector.”

4. Divine

“I draw most of my strength and determination from the people that I have met in my life. And first of all it’s my mother.”

5. Faith

“I plan to setup a mental health program that will raise mental illness awareness in Kenya. Mental health is a great concern. While it still stands as an under-explored medical concern in Kenya, there are patients who turn up in the hospital depressed and non-verbal, yet they require care that is sadly limited to medication and some counselling.”

Apply for Mastercard Foundation Scholarship 2018

Application for 2018/19 mastercard foundation scholarships has commenced for students from Africa and other developing nations/countries. You are expected to submit application alongside with admission enrollment to be considered. Check out Mastercard offer at Wellesly University, USA.



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