€20,000 Nelson Mandela Scholarship Application – 2018


To honour the life and work of President Nelson Mandela of South Africa, the INSEAD MBA Class of ’75 created an endowment to offer €20,000 annual scholarships to international students from Africa.
This coalition believe that sound management education can harness Africa’s entrepreneurial culture”, commented Mr Mandela in support of this project. “I embrace INSEAD’s academic rigour and diversity, which will equip our scholars with the right management skills to drive Africa’s economic development. My hope and belief is that they will inspire a strong, globally integrated Africa.
Eligibility: To be eligible for this scholarship program, applicants must:

  • have aptitude for business and financial management
  • be Africans
  • have completed their bachelors degree program
  • have applied or applying to INSEAD
  • have spent a substantial part of their lives and received part of their prior education in Africa.

How To Apply: 
1).In 350-400 words state why you wish to undertake the INSEAD MBA and why you feel it is relevant to your particular educational needs. Furthermore, explain how you envisage contributing to the future development of your country after graduation and discuss why you should be selected as the Nelson Mandela scholar in your class.
2).In 200 words analyse what you consider to be the most significant issue relating to the society, politics, economics, or culture of your country or region today.
3).In 150-200 words provide a concise but accurate description of your financial circumstances as well as a cash flow forecast for the year at INSEAD. More details on INSEAD website.



  • Thanks so much for this great offer and opportunity to all African students that wish to pursue their master’s degrees and further studies, this is a great thought especially for us the under privileged. Am so much interested in the program and am working so hard to see that i get to be one of the beneficiaries of this program

  • I am sufyen mewuded from ethiopia i am BA degree in management and i have more than 3 year expriance in bank please contact me

  • Am Charles Chemel Christian from Ghana. I Need Scholarship to further my education in the United State (new Jersey Institute of Technonogy- MBA)
    to develop my career and to contribute my quota to global sufferings and problems

  • I am Didace Nzoyisaba from Burundi. I am interested for this opportunity of scholarship. So, i have a post graduation. I mean a diploma. As Refuge in uganda, I am using this contact +256793336391. Thank you

  • I am Prince Hadebe from Zimbabwe, I will be greatly honoured if I were to be given an opportunity to study accounting and finance in your institution,by giving me this opportunity you will be empowering me with the necessary skills needed to serve my country and the world at large in the sense that I will be able to take those strategic business decisions which will help eliminate poverty through creating employment for the future generation and contribute positively in the commercial sector both in Africa and the world at large. looking forward to your positive response. Below is my email address.
    [email protected]

  • my name is ejara from Ethiopia,Haramaya university undergraduate student in department of information system. please I really happy to get the opportunity to ask this request

    • Hello, My name is Josue, I am math student, I want to know the information of Becca in master green of mathematics, thank you..

  • My name is Chernet Sahele from Ethiopia. I am a graduate of political science and International Relation (major) and Public Administration and Development Studies (minor) from Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia. I have a deep rooted interest or willingness to continue my education at Masters Level. So that I am looking forward that your institute grants me a fully funded scholarship. In return I promise to play my role properly in the Industrial development in my country Ethiopia (Africa) in particular and socio-economic development of Ethiopia (Africa) in general to the best of my ability. So, if you give me the chance please contact me through +251 0910803457, [email protected]. For all thank you in advance!

  • please, Good Afternoon, am Gloria and would want to further my education. Am done with the degree in economics and would want to go further. but am not financially sound. please you can call me on 0555245420

  • am Shina from Nigeria; please i am a graduate of Fisheries and aquaculture i will like to know if this scholarship is applicable to my course of study….

  • Hello i’m koussemia bassigue.i’m from chad.i need scholarship.please réply on my number phone:+23568468446 or e-mail

  • I’m from Ethiopia Ihave a BA degree in sociology and social work and Iwould like to study my second degree (master in business administration) in your university,if it is possible ineed full scholarship b/c i’m not strong enough in finance.

  • Hello,my name is solomon gebreyowhannes from Ethiopia I’m interested scholarship i want through mechanical Engineering for mastr’s. please give application form.please help me.thanks for your help!!!
    My phone number+251925706368
    sex male

  • I,am Teferi Mandado/Dr of Veterinary Medicine And MSc in Veterinary Medicine/
    My hope is very high if it gives the chance for me to study PhD in Veterinary Medical and Public health fields together.
    Wishing all bests!!
    Thank You!
    Teferi Mandado
    contact: +251910028015/+251935126477

  • bonjour je sus etudiante au Senegal j’ai une licence en journalisme et je sus interresse par une boursse d’etude svp aidez moi

  • My name is Frezer Wondwossen from Ethiopia, graduated my bachelor degree on pharmacy. i would like to get this scholarship and learn my master’s degree on Arizona University and serve my country with my profession. Thank you for giving us this opportunity.

  • first of all I would like to appreciate you for giving us this great chance.Next I have great interest to study my masters degree in your university . I have MA in organizational leadership . now I have interest to study other masters degree in one of your programs. would you mind to offer me in person in your university?
    I am poor and need financial aid for my study.
    my phone number is +251913376918 and from Ethiopia

  • Hello I have passion on this opportunity. Am called Mahlet Mequanint am from Ethiopia I have done ma college ,which means (grade 12) I want attend on clinical pharmacy ,so if you let me please contact me at +251967295698

  • Iam very hape if get this free scholarship because ica not able tuition fee
    please kindly contact me .my cell phone.+252. 0634569544

  • Dear sir ma name is muluken kassaw from ethiopia graduated in mechanical engineering i need to learn ma masters program and to work but i have no money ooooo my gooodnesss it is good chance for me

  • first of all I would like to appreciate you for giving us this great chance.Next I have great interest to study my masters degree in your university . I have bachelor degree in Biology . now I have interest to study masters degree there.would you mind to offer me in person in your universty?
    I am poor and need financial aid for my study.
    my phone number is +251917653661 and from Ethiopia .

  • hi my name is Hassan yacin And I am from Djibouti and i am interested please helpe mee i am student my family poverty i am teenager i am very eager to reach my target so please please please helpe mee please my number is 77067654

  • My Name is Tamiru Chemeda from Ethiopia. I was taken some postgraduate course of Accounting and finance at Wollega University Ethiopia. Due to some individual problem can’t continue. So now, I am really blessed to have such opportunity. I really need this scholarship and I pray that this opportunity will not miss me.

  • I am really blessed to have such opportunity. I am a sierra leonean,franciscan and already sat to west Africa Senior School Certificate Examination with an excellent result . But I was unable to pursue my education due to lack of financial support . I am a science student and I really want to further my education.I really need this scholarship and I pray that this opportunity will not miss me.

  • Mariam b kamara is my name,I am a Muslim and a volunteer in my community and country at large, please how can I apply for this scholarship?

  • please and please give me this scholarship because I don’t have any economy to buy so I life in Somalia my family poverty I am teenager Iam very eager to reach my target so please helpe me if we can when I saw the young generation who are reach their target because the young generation are same but some not like me because I don’t have economy and education quality so education is the key of the life so please and please helped me

  • Been doing this for serval times but see no change but here it come from my fellow African s .in you we trust.
    Aubrey Thauzen from Malawia doing primary and secondary school of Malawi but no access of university because l came from the poor family. I believe that you we considered my application.
    To God be the Groly. Thank you.

  • I need a scholarship i am a liberian n a student i stay with my mom n dad my mom sell food to pay my feed mydad has no job my mom is ill n i have no one to help me out with my school life out here is very hard .

  • Hi am by name Muhammad Sharif from Nigeria who is in desperate need of admission into a university. I will be very grateful and honoured if my application is given due consideration. Thanks

  • My name is Girma from Ethiopia I have BA degree in curriculum studies and also I take semi universty managment course following now,I want to studies MA degree in Bussines Administration or related field if I get the opportunity

  • I am Ethiopian, I have BA degree in hotel management and MA candidate in Hospitality management in Hawassa University,Ethiopia. if you select me I will perform well.

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