Slovak Government Scholarships For International Students


The Ministry of Education is offering Slovak Government Scholarships for international students to a national of a partner country to cover part of the costs of studying at a public university in the Slovak Republic. The Slovak scholarship is for students who are interested in pursuing a Bachelor, Master or Ph.D degree in any chosen fields in the country. Hurry now and apply for this scholarship as late applications will not be processed.

About the Slovak Government Scholarships 

Over the years, the Slovak Government has proven to be one of the best Government Scholarships for International Students. The Program comes like an exchange program between the Slovak Republic and other Countries of the world. Europe, African, Asia, Latin America, North America, Australia are all represented.

Level/Field of Study

Slovak scholarship is awarded to pursue a Bachelor, Master or PhD degree in their chosen fields in the country.

Host Nationality

Scholarships are granted by the Slovak Government under the conditions for granting Official Development Assistance(ODA) defined by the OECD, including awarding the grant from the Slovakia Government  Scholarship to persons with Slovak Living status abroad.

Eligible Nationality

The following countries are eligible to apply for the Slovak scholarship: Afghanistan, Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Kenya, Republic of Sudan, Kosovo, Moldova, Mongolia, Palestinian Territories, Ukraine and Vietnam.

Scholarship Worth

With this Slovak Government Scholarships for International students, studentstenceive a monthly scholarship and stipends.

Duration of Scholarship:

A Slovakia Government Scholarship will be awarded:

  • Over the normal duration of the respective program,
  • For only ten months in the case of language education,
  • In the months between completion of the language education and enrollment in the respective academic program or between the end Studying in an academic program and enrolling in another academic program if the participant completes the full language course or a student completes the studies.

Eligibility For The Slovak Government Scholarships

A national of a partner country under the following condition s may be awarded Slovak Government Scholarships:

a) If the person has:

  1. temporary residence for study purposes, 10)
  2. a temporary residence as a third-party national who has acquired the status of a Slovak Living abroad 11) or
  3. the right to reside in the territory of the Slovak Republic for more than three months, 12)

b) If the person:

  1. Is enrolled full-time at a public university in the Slovak Republic in any of the academic programs referred to in the notice defined in subsection
  2.  Demonstrates command of Slovak language at the level required by that public university; or
  3. Participate in language education for the purpose of higher education (“language education”)

c) The person on or after 1st September of the year in which the application for a government scholarship is submitted,

  1. is at least 18 years and not more than 26 years in language education for the study of an academic program of the first or second level or an academic program that combines the studies of the first and second level in such an academic program or
  2. at least 23 years and not more than 35 years old, as far as language education is concerned, for studying in an academic postgraduate course or for studying in such an academic program.

How To Apply For The Slovak Government Scholarships

The online application form is available on the Slovak Aid website.


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