Planet Fitness Judgement Free Generation Scholarship


Entries are currently been accepted for the Planet Fitness Judgement Free Generation Scholarship for deserving teens who embody the non-judgemental kindness and anti-harrassement values for which Planet Fitness and the Boys and Girls Clubs of America are held collectively. This scholarship is worth $5,000 and is available to 30 applicants. This scholarship focus on acceptance and will be awarded to passionate students by spreading kindness and fighting against bullying. See below for further details

About Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness was established in 1992 in Dover, N.H., is one of the largest and fastest growing franchises and fitness center operators in the United States by a number of members and locations. The is committed to improve people’s lives by providing a quality fitness experience in a welcoming, non-intimidating environment, which they call the Judgment Free Zone.

Judgment Free Generation

The Judgment Free Generation is a philanthropic initiative of Planet Fitness, designed to counter the judgment and bullying that confronts today’s youth by creating a culture of kindness and encouragement.

Planet Fitness wants, together with BGCA, to grow up a generation that contributes to a more judgment-free planet – a place where everyone feels accepted and should hear.

So far, franchisees, employees, and members of Planet Fitness have:

  • Has contributed more than $4 million to non-profit partners
  • Reached more than 1,200 Boys & Girls Clubs in all 50 states with staff and youth training
  • Awarded $ 275,000 in scholarships for young people that promote acceptance and inclusion in their communities
  • More than 20 Mini Judgment Free Zone fitness centers built in selected Boys & Girls Clubs, providing young people with inclusive spaces where they can train
  • Volunteering at Boys & Girls Clubs in the US.

What are Boys & Girls Clubs of America

The Boys & Girls Clubs of America in the past 150 years, have enabled young people who need the most to achieve a great future as productive, caring and responsible citizens.

Today, more than 4,300 Clubs serve nearly 4 million young people annually through membership of the Club and community reach. Clubs are located in cities, towns, social homes and indigenous countries throughout the country and serve military families in BGCA-affiliated youth centers on US military installations around the world.

They offer a safe place, caring mentors for adults, fun, friendship and high-quality youth development programs on a daily basis during critical non-school hours. Priority programs emphasize academic success, good character and citizenship, and a healthy lifestyle. In a Harris survey among alumni, 54 percent said the club saved their lives. The national headquarters are in Atlanta.

Scholarship Level/Field

This scholarship is meant for high school teen students who are registered members of the Boys and Girls Club of America. It is been hosted in USA for USA citizens. This scholarship is awarded for education-related expenses for undergraduate study.

Eligibility For The Judgement Free Generation Scholarship

Before applying for Scholarship, applicants must meet the specified criteria:

  • To be a high school Senior
  • Be an active member of the Boys and Girls Club
  • Model the values of justice, caring and anti-bullying that Planet Fitness and the Boys and Girls Clubs of America collectively champion
  • Plan to enroll in full-time undergraduate studies at an accredited technical and vocational school two to four years after graduation.
  • Have a recommendation from a club staff member

Candidates must also fulfill the following conditions:

  • A complete and up-to-date transcript must be uploaded with your application. Note reports are not accepted. Transcripts must include the name of the student, the name of the school, the marks and the hours credited for each course and quarter in which each course was taken.
  • A recommendation completed by a member of the club staff
  • A short video explaining why you agree to spread goodness and stop bullying

How To Apply For The Judgement Free Generation Scholarship

To apply, you must register online

Selection of Recipients

Recipients will be selected based on consideration of:

    1. An essay on the following questions:
      • What bullying has cause in your life, Club or community?
      • Why is it important to you personally to end bullying?
      • How are you spreading kindness, acceptance, tolerance and judgment-free values in your life, Club and/or community?
      • How have you impacted others in modeling these values?
      • How do you plan to continue to spread kindness in college or in your future aspirations?
    2. How you have been able to demonstrate leadership and participation in club, school and community activities and work experience
    3. A brief personal statement about the Student’s Club experience and how it has shaped his or her commitment to their community, respect for others, and aspirations for the future
    4. You are expected to provide a recommendation from a Club staff member with comments about the applicant’s demonstration of Judgement Free Generation values
    5. A short video telling why the student is committed to spreading kindness and stopping bullying.
      • Video Content Requirements:
        1. Please respond to the following prompt, repeating the prompt as the first sentence in your video:

“I am committed to spreading kindness and stopping bullying because”

      1. Please say the following phrase at the end of your video: “I am a proud member of the Judgement Free Generation!”
      2. Video Length: 60 seconds or less
    • Additional Tips:
      1. To get the perfect shot:
        • Make sure the phone/device is turned sideways; by shooting on a horizontal frame, your video fills up the entire frame.
        • Keep the camera steady.
          • If possible, use a tripod with a mobile device adapter
          • OR, if you are shooting the video yourself, you can prop the device up on something stable or prop your elbow on a desk/something stable while you hold the device
          • OR, if a friend is shooting the video, have them seated across from you with their elbows resting on their knees or a table/something stable for support.
        • Stand or sit no more than 3 feet from the device. A shot that shows your upper torso is ideal.
        • Do not zoom in on the camera, as it reduces the quality
        • If possible, please shoot video in a well-lit space (natural lighting preferred)
      2. Speak loud and clear
        • Find a quiet area with minimal to no background noise, such as cars, loud talking, televisions, fans, etc.
        • Avoid using any music in the background
        • If you make a mistake, make sure you start from the beginning of that particular thought and not from the middle of a sentence
      3. Final reminders
        • Make sure to look at the camera when speaking
        • Please avoid wearing clothes with highly-visible logos
        • Don’t overthink it. Remember to smile and show your personality in your response!

Application Deadline:

Planet Fitness Judgement Free Generation Scholarship runs from February 15 to April 9th, every academic year. Incomplete or late applications will not be allowed.


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