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There are so many women in Tech rise with prominent position in the society. Opportunities are given to such women to explore their skills. Such opportunities is the Grace Hopper Scholarships for 2019/2020 academic calendar in USA. This scholarship gives women in Technology the opportunity to attend the Grace Hopper Celebrations for 2019. This is the highest gathering of women in Technology, Engineering and Science to deliberate their future and Resources. If interested, see below for details on how to apply.

About Grace Hopper

Rear Admiral Grace Murray Hopper was an American computer scientist and United States Navy officer. She was a pioneer in the field, one of the first programmers of the Harvard Mark I calculator, and she was the first to develop the first compiler for a computer programming language. Because of what she was able to accomplish and her naval rank, she is sometimes referred to as “Amazing Grace”.
Grace Brewster Murray was one of only four female students in the doctoral programme in her department to gain a Ph.D. She also worked as an associate professor at Vassar College until the outbreak of World War II. She later went on and joined the US Naval Reserve as a lieutenant and worked for the Bureau of Ordnance Computation at Harvard in 1943, where she learned how to programme the Mark I computer. With her great Knowledge in Mathematics, Electrical, and Electronics Engineering, she was able to make tremendous contributions to the US Navy.
The Conference was named after her in order to encourage and remind Women of how great and useful they can be in the contemporary Society. In the bid to give the younger generation the opportunity to explore their potentials, the Grace Hopper Scholarship is awarded to assist scholars who cannot afford the registration fees.

The Grace Hopper Celebration is an opportunity to meet the best in the Women in Tech Society. However, it also Provides Opportunities for Women in Tech that are just starting.

Which Companies Offer The Grace Hopper scholarship 2019?

The Grace Hopper Scholarship has recorded a total of 4 companies offering the Scholarships. They Include Facebook which awards about 50 Female Students the GHC Scholarships, Google Anita also award the Scholarships to College, University and even High School Seniors.

The Grace Hopper Celebration Scholarships is also awarded to students by Microsoft earlier than other company. It is available for United States, Canada, and Mexican Students to apply.

Goldman Sachs is the last company which awards scholarships to 25 female engineers who demonstrate outstanding academic performance, Exceptional leadership and an unending passion for learning and a knack for problem-solving

Facebook Grace Hopper Scholarships 2019

As one of the Social Media Tech Giants, Facebook is not left out in the 2019 Grace Hopper Celebration. They are awarding the 2019 Facebook Grace Hopper Women in computing scholarship. The mission of Facebook is to give power to the people in terms of community building and bringing the World Closer together. Facebook has rolled out Applications and services to connect billions of people around the world. However, it has helped small businesses expand their reach and made a massive profit within a short time.

Scholarship Benefits:

The eligible candidates will be entitled to the following:

  • Free Registration for the Grace Hopper Celebration
  • All Paid Travel and Accommodation Expenses Which Includes the pre-Grace Hopper Celebration Program in Orlando.
  • Applicants will receive a paid Tech Talks, Mentoring sessions, and Networking during the Event on September 30th to October 5th, 2019
  • Applicants will be given an Invitation to a private dinner and Reception with Facebook’s Engineering team during the GH Celebration.
  • Additional Meal Stipends

Application Timeline:

Application must be submitted on or before Friday, June 28th 5:pm PDT. Successful applicants will be notified by August 1st.

Eligible candidates MUST be available to attend Facebook and Conference activities between Monday, September 30th and Saturday, October 5th, 2019.

Facebook Grace Hopper Scholarship Requirements

The following requirements for the Facebook Grace Hopper Scholarship has been carefully spelled out for you:

  • Applicants must be Women who are currently pursuing a 4-year Undergraduate or Graduate degree Seeking University Program, Majoring in Computer Science or Related Field. (i.e Computer Engineering, Math, Statistics, Information System).
  • You cannot apply if you are Currently running a Facebook Internship or have accepted offers (2019-2020) at Facebook.
  • International Applicants are responsible for their Travel Visa if selected, Facebook can only foot your Travel Expenses.

Application should be done online.


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