DIIS Full PhD Scholarships For Ghanian Students


Ghanian students are invited to apply for the DIIS Full PhD Scholarships at the university of Ghana for 2019 academic session. The scholarship aim is to show how the global is productive of the local, and how institutions, actors, practices, norms and discourse mix to produce novel forms of security governance and global-local linkages.

About DIIS

We are an independent public research institution working with international studies. DIIS conduct and communicate research and analysis work in globalization, security, development and foreign policy, and within these areas we are working to put the agenda in the field of research, politics and public debate.

DIIS participates in Danish and international debates as well as in academic networks, we also publish in recognized academic journals. We are committed in striving for the highest academic quality. We assess Denmark’s foreign policy situation and inform the media, politicians and the public about the results of our work, we also do this as part of our research.


Scholarships are available to study Ph.D. program. The Scholarships are available to undertake a collaborative research project on the Domestic Security Implications of United Nations Peacekeeping (D-SIP) in Ghana.


The scholarship can be taken in Ghana and it is available to Ghanaina citizens


Scholarship recipient will receive a stipend for the duration of the 4-year period of their studies as well as all cost of fieldworl, PhD training cremated travel and conferences abroad will also be covered.

Eligibility For The DIIS Full PhD Scholarships For Ghanian

Entrance Requirements: Successful candidates are required to:

  • Hold a master’s degree in the social sciences, political science, law or inter-disciplinary studies.
  • Demonstrate high motivation to develop a scientific career, and to pursue doctoral studies according to the approved study plan.
  • Possess and demonstrate good scientific writing skills.
  • Have a strong methodological and conceptual background in the relevant scientific disciplines or areas.
  • Ideally, have ethnographic fieldwork experience.
  • Ideally have worked with security-related issues in Accra, Tamale or elsewhere.
  • Be a constructive and engaged team worker.
  • Applicants are expected to provide proof of English language proficiency at the higher level required by the university.

How To Apply For The DIIS Full PhD Scholarships For Ghanian

To apply for this scholarship, applicants are required to prepare a 4-5-page concept note (maximum 2,000 words) which, with reference to the selected Ph.D. focus, outlines a detailed focus for the proposed Ph.D. project as well as research assumptions and questions.

Applicants should develop a separate concept note for each of the focus areas, for those who wish to apply for the Ph.D. position under two or more thematic ar. The concept note must have the following:

  • Statement of the research problem and how it will be investigated through more specific research questions.
  • Discussing the analytical framework of the research problem base on relevant theory.
  • Explanation of the geographical and socio-political context of the study (Accra/Tamale).
  • Presentation of the research design and the methods that will be employed to generate the data.
  • Practical considerations.
  • Ethical considerations.
  • Time plan

All applicants must ensure they clearly indicate which of the Ph.D. positions you apply for.

Additionally, the application should be submitted alongside a CV, including a list of publications as well as names and contact details of 2-3 academic references.

Scholarship Applications Deadline

The deadline for the application of the scholarship is October 15th, 2019


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