Watch In Video: How She Earned $125,000 Study Abroad Scholarship

She wasn’t a top student or star athlete, but Kristina Ellis, 26, managed to earn half a million dollars in college scholarships by the time she graduated from high school in 2005.

Miss Ellis had her courses completed without financial stress even had more to save! She says you can, too. Use the links below to apply for any scholarship you like. Give a try.

“The first day of freshman year in high school my mom sat me down and basically said, ‘Kristina, I love you and believe in you, but there’s no way I can support you financially once you graduate from high school, so you’re going to have to figure out your own way to pay for college,’” Ellis recounts.

That’s all the then-13-year-old needed to hear to motivate her to find a way to afford her own future. Skipping college was not an option — nor was taking out thousands in student loans. Ellis was determined to go for free, and did she ever. She scored $125,000 in free money that sent her to the prestigious Vanderbilt University for her Bachelor’s degree. With the remaining money, she went on to pursue a Master’s and is now setting her sights on a Ph.D.

“I wasn’t a perfect student. I wasn’t the star athlete, so I felt really inadequate when I started the [scholarship application] process,” says Ellis. APPLY YOURS NOW!